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Team Texual is a duo known for fucking shit up.

The ladies, Crunkizm and GiaSimone, were wanted throughout the state for a plethora of crimes, the latest being the capital murder of NBA phenom Ambition.

What’s to follow is the investigation into this crime.

The ladies are still walking the streets.

Consider them armed and dangerous as fuck.




mostwanted.jpg mostwanted







The investigation began in early December, although, Texas State Troopers and Federal Investigators had already been following the ladies for quite sometime.

Private investigators hired by the state were already taking surveillance photos of the duo on December 3rd, the day before Ambition was reported missing.












Despite damning evidence in all of their cases and leading up to Ambition’s disappearance, the State of Texas was unsuccessful in prosecuting the ladies yet again as officers failed to read the ladies their Miranda rights.

Footage from what’s been deemed the Team Texual hideout was recovered after the case was thrown out.

This evidence in and of itself proves guilt but the ladies escaped further prosecution due to double jeopardy rules (keep up with the legal talk).
























They were released and never heard from again….except once.


Crunkizm sent a personalized msg.



blackmamba.jpg blackmamba




Special thanks to GiaSimone and Ambition for participating in my madness.

‘Been a minute since I did a post… thanks for viewing.

THE KILL clothing pieces inspired by the yet to be launched line of the same name.



So uhh.. yea.. this was really one big advertisement.






Gia layered  THE KILL shades with HoodRoyal’s Untouchable Shades… get emm..



Other featured items also by me:




Shop Crunkizm!


Electriqkiss aka Addy, is a unique young lady.

She’s one of very few teenagers on this site I really dig!

She’s cute as hell, a bomb ass dev, Top Model and just a pretty dope individual.

Addy was also one half of the winning couple for the Blunted Culture Boo’d Up Contest..

Anywhooo…sit back and relax and get some of these CrunkKisses..

(like how I jus put our names together?).

Crunkizm: ok

Crunkizm: -turns the tape recorder on-
Electriqkiss: ^_^
Crunkizm: plz bare with me cuz u know im random as hell
Electriqkiss: haha alright
Crunkizm: 😀

Crunkizm: introduce urself maam and let us know something about u
Electriqkiss: Hii Im Addy. Im a developer and model on IMVU
Electriqkiss: and I love cats 😛
Electriqkiss: and FRANK OCEAN!!!
Crunkizm: oooo <333
Crunkizm: he’s on my HP righttt nowww
Crunkizm: well..his song
Crunkizm: one of em
Crunkizm: lol
Electriqkiss: Oooo
Electriqkiss: lol

Snap_13203362355042b32a95296-1.jpg Snap_13203362355042b32a95296

Crunkizm: I love your fit…u made that?
Electriqkiss: Yes I did
Crunkizm: niceee
Crunkizm: im rocking Electriqkiss too

Electriqkiss: Woot woot

Crunkizm: Describe your personal style.
Electriqkiss: Well uhmm my personal style
Electriqkiss: Idk I guess anything that catches the eye
Electriqkiss: I try to go for things that are not usually the norm

Crunkizm: i noticed that

Electriqkiss: But I love vintage type clothes

Crunkizm: u dont say
Crunkizm: i thought this room would be kinda appropriate
Crunkizm: hoped it would at least
Crunkizm: lol
Crunkizm: z
Electriqkiss: z
Electriqkiss: i like the room
Crunkizm: yay
Electriqkiss: 🙂

Crunkizm: so u wouldnt call urself a hipster
Crunkizm: ?
Crunkizm: ik thats all the rage right now
Crunkizm: im kinda old so i really dont know
Electriqkiss: haha
Electriqkiss: well I wont call myself a hipster
Electriqkiss: but my cousins do irl v.v
Electriqkiss: Idk why
Crunkizm: ha
Crunkizm: alright lets get to the meat


Crunkizm: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Electriqkiss: Hmm I would say casual wear
Electriqkiss: and vintagey type styles
Crunkizm: ooo

Crunkizm: When did you realize you wanted to become a dev? How did you start?
Electriqkiss: I hated always buying credits and wasting my moms money lol
Electriqkiss: Sooo I decided to start deving and I ended up liking it
Crunkizm: word
Crunkizm: you’re definitely good at it.. one of my favs
Electriqkiss: Thank you 😀


Crunkizm: How long does it usually take you to construct a piece?
Electriqkiss: Like an hour or more
Electriqkiss: But Im hella lazy so like a couple days lol
Crunkizm: haha
Electriqkiss: But If im focused and commited
Electriqkiss: Ill get it done faster
Crunkizm: twu
Crunkizm: it takes me forever – adhd
Crunkizm: lol
Crunkizm: anywhooo

Crunkizm: Whats your favorite product of your own?

Electriqkiss: Ooo thats gonna be hard to choose
Electriqkiss: Uhm my moccasins
Crunkizm: lemme see
Crunkizm: i think i have a pair
Electriqkiss: these ones
Electriqkiss: Someone made me a custom mesh
Crunkizm: come out here
Crunkizm: ooo
Electriqkiss: So I made them, cause I have a pair irl
Crunkizm: i love em too
Crunkizm: makes me feel all tingly by the foot
Electriqkiss: loool
Electriqkiss: they comfy too
Crunkizm: rightt


Crunkizm: my fav shoes of urs are the see thru heels
Crunkizm: i cant remember what u call em
Crunkizm: but i love em
Electriqkiss: Yeahh me too
Electriqkiss: I seen Beyonce wear em
Electriqkiss: and Im like I havet to make it
Crunkizm: thats some sexy footwear
Crunkizm: i wish i had the patience/talent
Electriqkiss: haha 😛


Crunkizm: Do you work with models? How do you select your models?
Crunkizm: if u do
Electriqkiss: I dont work with models lol
Crunkizm: bam ! there it is
Electriqkiss: But If I need one I just ask

Crunkizm: As a consumer, who are your go to devs?
Electriqkiss: I have alot
Crunkizm: name…3
Electriqkiss: But ill say WannaMonroe, Strut, Coochie, MY MOMMY ^_^, Pierce, Katt, Scarlett
Crunkizm: or
Electriqkiss: oop
Crunkizm: as many as u want
Crunkizm: lol
Electriqkiss: Mahognany

Crunkizm: who is ur mommy..for those not in the know
Electriqkiss: ooh PrettiKitti
Crunkizm: kk


Crunkizm: What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing on IMVu?
Crunkizm: (my adlibs suck today)
Electriqkiss: Sorry im kinda slow, but can you explain that please
Crunkizm: lol
Crunkizm: no worries
Crunkizm: in ur opinion, what makes an item trash vs what makes a quality item
Crunkizm: hmmm still nothing?
Crunkizm: lemme see
Crunkizm: what about an item makes it purchasable to u

Electriqkiss: i would say if a product isnt well done like they didnt take their time

to put quality into the item

then its trash  

but if somebody puts their effort into it then it would have good quality just depends

Crunkizm: thas a nice answer

Snap_2358790145042b499023cd-1.jpg Snap_2358790145042b499023cd

Crunkizm: We’ve worked together with the collab between iish and JaeLova

so I personally know you as an awesomely dope model as well.

You’re a well known Top Model on here, how did you get into that?

Electriqkiss: Well when I first joined imvu thats what everyone was doing, modeling
Electriqkiss: So I got into it and it was fun
Electriqkiss: Getting free clothes n all
Crunkizm: u aint never lied bout that
Crunkizm: thats my fav word free
Electriqkiss: Mines too

Crunkizm: but u seem to also be good @ it…

any tips on how an aspiring model can get into the game?

Electriqkiss: Try to be different/unique
ElectriqkissJust be yourself I guess
Electriqkiss: and have a nice look 🙂
Crunkizm: word

Crunkizm: Who is your favorite dev to model for?
Electriqkiss: I have two
Electriqkiss: PrettiKitti and Pierce
Electriqkiss: They create lovely products and their shows are BOMB
Crunkizmmomma’s baby
Electriqkiss: So I love working for both of them
Electriqkiss: ^_^
Crunkizm: u’re right tho.
Crunkizm: they’re two of my favs also

Crunkizm: Do you get a lot of ppl on your dick for who your mom is?
Electriqkiss: Nooo not really looool!
Crunkizm: lol
Crunkizm: ok


Crunkizm: alright almost done
Crunkizm: ofc u gotta get the crunk treatment wit some off the wall questions

Crunkizm: If you were trapped on Avatar Island, what three products would you have to have wit you?
Electriqkiss: Lord
Electriqkiss: z
Electriqkiss: can they be human? or just products
Crunkizm: hmm
Crunkizm: answer it as u’d like
Crunkizm: doesnt have to be products
ElectriqkissWell #1 Frank Ocean
Electriqkiss: uhm hmm
Electriqkiss: A cat
Electriqkiss: and oreos
Crunkizm: lol

Crunkizm: lets say this was IMVU island then
Crunkizm: what would u take
Electriqkiss: oooh id take my teddy bear
Electriqkiss: uhhm
Electriqkissmy baby i gots in my inventory and a gun
Crunkizm: zz
Crunkizm: why a gun
Electriqkiss: If I needa shoot some thangs
Electriqkiss: You never know what might be on that island
Crunkizm: lol!

Crunkizm: If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?
Electriqkiss: To like teleport
Electriqkiss: Id love to have that power
Electriqkiss: Cause like Im broke v.v
Electriqkissand Id be teleporting in and out of banks
Electriqkiss: wait then Id be a villain :s
Crunkizm: zzz
Crunkizm: yea u would
Electriqkiss: Ill be both.
Crunkizm: but teleporting..i never thought of that


Crunkizm: Name something that wiggles and bends but maintains its same size?
Electriqkiss: I just thought of something so wrong x.x
Crunkizm: loll
Electriqkiss: But ima say gummyworms
Crunkizm: nice
Crunkizm: that was a loaded question for the record

Crunkizm: Are you still into Harry Potter?
Electriqkiss: Ofc always will be

Crunkizm: on a scale of 1-10, how trill are you?
Electriqkiss: 10!!!
Crunkizm: ayyee

Crunkizm: Whats coming up next for Electriqkiss?
Electriqkiss: I guess new shoes
Electriqkiss: Started working on them today
Electriqkiss: Soo hopefully theyll be out soon
Crunkizm: ooo cant wait

Snap_18388386955042b73f539ef-1.jpg Snap_18388386955042b73f539ef

Crunkizm: lemme add two questions
Crunkizm: how old are u and whts ur relationship status
Electriqkiss: 17 and single
Crunkizm: single and lookin?
Crunkizm: or are u jus chillin
Electriqkiss: Im just chillin I guess
Electriqkiss: But If a guy comes to me, you never know what might happen
Crunkizm: oo okies
Crunkizm: ur like me – we dont chase em!
Electriqkiss: Right!
Electriqkiss: They have to come to me
Crunkizm: word

Crunkizm: Did you like this interview? I know your mom so I won’t offer you weed…

Electriqkiss: haha yeah or she’ll attack you

Electriqkiss: Yea I liked it
Electriqkiss: My first interview 🙂
Crunkizm: yay
Crunkizm: and thats it!

Crunkizm: ciao boo
Electriqkiss: Byeee

Snap_7537330535042b2bd14bc4-1.jpg Snap_7537330535042b2bd14bc4

Featured Items by Electriqkiss:




hiResNoBg2-4-2.jpg hiResNoBg2-4

Big wooooooo!! to my nig GiaSimone for coming up with the right answer 1st

to the brain teaser.

“You should see the two grids I made to figure it out… lol…”

More coming soon!

The Teaser was…

During the recent Canibus Cup, the first four growers finished ahead of  the opposition.

Strain “Obama bin Laden” was not last and the grower growing forest green canibus was not third.

Strain “Get Ya Life” was before the strain with purple hairs.

Strain Cosmic Kush came first.

Get Ya Life finished before Obama bin Laden.

Slip into a Coma had red hairs but Get Ya Life did not have light green hairs.

Can you determine where each strain finished and the colors of the hairs from their strains? 

Blunted Brain Teaser


strain = name

grower = person who grows it
hairs = They are the pistols. Its the vaginas of the cannabis plants.

Smoking pot pussies aayyeee

The Teaser:

During the recent Canibus Cup, the first four growers finished ahead of  the opposition.

Strain “Obama bin Laden” was not last and the grower growing forest green canibus was not third.

Strain “Get Ya Life” was before the strain with purple hairs.

Strain Cosmic Kush came first.

Get Ya Life finished before Obama bin Laden.

Slip into a Coma had red hairs but Get Ya Life did not have light green hairs.

Can you determine where each strain finished and the colors of the hairs from their strains? 

Winner wins 7k.

Closes when the first correct answer is received by PM.

As always Justi showed out.

just17-1.jpg just17-1

I’m not only referring to her unique theme and conceptualization of this line,  True Blue,

and of course the well tailored fashions….

but the boss mentality she showed when being faced

with a classless, irrelevant hater was particularly admirable.

somebody’s mad af


Contrary to false reports the turnout was great.





The room, accents, clothing, skins and hairs all stayed true to the theme.

The audience was asked to dress in all white…

this provided a bomb ass effect with the lighting of the room.


just1-1.jpg just1

All in all I can’t give enough props to Justionia and the True Blue show.

Phenomenal showcase!


Check out the photo album for the official photos from the line!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and of course, SHOP JUSTIONIA!




Wearing stuff – OOTD


Quick lil outfit of the day from yesterday.

♫ Wearing Diiva… wearing Meme @ the same damn time! ♫

I love layers and the BlackIn Collection by Liddy and Dlussional is full of that.

These boots (also by Lids) are my fav…I have all three pairs.

All poses from the Nine Girl pack – the collabo between iish and PrettiKitti.

hiResSnapshot1-7-1.jpg hiResSnapshot1-7

hiResSnapshot1-7-1.jpg hiResSnapshot1-7

hiResSnapshot1-7-1.jpg hiResSnapshot1-7

hiResSnapshot1-7-1.jpg hiResSnapshot1-7

| On meeee |







July 8th 5 PM EST
It has come down to the final 5!
THE FINALISTS ———————————-
We are now accepting RSVP’s.
We can only accept a certain amount of invites so get your name in now!
Inbox SocialitesxINC or AngelinaNyx to RSVP.
You will be confirmed prior to the show.
There will be a Joinme link if you can’t make it in.
Winners will be announced LIVE!

Snap_7778507614fef8a746c945-1.jpg Snap_7778507614fef8a746c945

So I was very honored to be invited to this  snazzy event.

The room was very classy and you could feel everyone lowkey had their pinkie out.

Yea fancy.

The Hosts


The room creator was bellzbotz

Snap_5527746704fef8979ed162-1.jpg Snap_5527746704fef8979ed162

It was completely fitting for this showcase.

This show was focused on a collaboration between Liddy and Dlussional

but the twist was dev Conceptz showed up some new menswear.

I’m not fashion guru but I do know that  every piece in both lines were amazing.

I’m gon def try to squeeze this BM into some of the designs.

As always all three devs delivered quality, detailed texturing. Sexy. Sleek.

My fit:

nik-1.jpg nik-1

The attendees (that I was able to capture) :

Snap_13895601424fef89fc750fe-1.jpg Snap_13895601424fef89fc750feSnap_3805239924fef89ab967cb-1.jpg Snap_3805239924fef89ab967cb

Snap_8131246664fef8967bd812-1.jpg Snap_8131246664fef8967bd812Snap_14411257794fef8a2d118ad-1.jpg Snap_14411257794fef8a2d118ad


Snap_7619776804fef899ea969a-1.jpg Snap_7619776804fef899ea969a

Some of the fashions:

Snap_7531873194fef8e18839da-1.jpg Snap_7531873194fef8e18839daSnap_1633535024fef8eb402d5b-1.jpg Snap_1633535024fef8eb402d5b

Snap_9110152224fef8e4750cd3-1.jpg Snap_9110152224fef8e4750cd3Snap_9267541974fef8cee95b4e-1.jpg Snap_9267541974fef8cee95b4e

Snap_11935991944fef8eef10b4c-1.jpg Snap_11935991944fef8eef10b4cSnap_17089681824fef8c67642e4-1.jpg Snap_17089681824fef8c67642e4

Snap_17140007564fef8d6c6c93f-1.jpg Snap_17140007564fef8d6c6c93fSnap_21156900824fef8b83b35ca-1.jpg Snap_21156900824fef8b83b35ca

Snap_214454524fef8f333a166-1.jpg Snap_214454524fef8f333a166Snap_9183741424fef8f56eb036-1.jpg Snap_9183741424fef8f56eb036

 It was timely, sexy and the music was great.



All in all this show gets 5 blunts!

(lil ratchet but so BluntedCulture at the same damn time)

Make sure to also check out the great review done by FashionVee on Fashion Steez!





Blunts and Love